Radar Detector Laws with History of Tech

Before even looking at or reviewing radar detectors it would be a good idea to know the most recent radar detector laws as well as some of the technology and history that went into making them.


Imaging doing all this research and finally finding the best detector at a great value only to find out it is against the law to own in your state.


Heck even worse you find out that the technology is so old that the cops are no longer using the old radar guns that only your unit can pick up.

Do you know what a radar detector is?

Well in the simplest of terms it is a small, normally black box that senses the radar frequencies and other signals around it and then notifies the user with a BEEEP or visual signal.


With that horribly boring technical description out of the way, these things help you have a leg up on the police or COPS.


Now we would never condone driving over the speed limit, but everyone needs to make their own decisions.



Table of Contents

Inside a De-tector

-New innovations is Speed Sensors the, LIDAR detection

-Illegal States for Radar

-The Buck Stops here

The Tech inside a De-tector

Doppler Radar is the number one technology that the police officers us to track your speed. Now doppler radar itself is not a piece of automotive technology that you can hold in your hand but rather a scientific method of using radar to ascertain or figure out another objects speed.


In the simplest of terms a radar gun sends out radar waves, normally in the K or Ka band, that then hit your vehicle and reflect or bounce back in the opposite direction. 


The gun then receives and senses then reflected radar waves and can calculate how fast and how long it took to get back the radar gun. 


With this new information the gun uses some kind of on board computer, probably about a million times more powerful than the one used to get to the moon back in the late 1960’s, to calculate how fast the object was going, in most cases your vehicle. 

Doppler Radar

As you can see from the graphic the transmitter or police cars sends out a wave of some type, again normally in the K or Ka band and it hits your vehicle. Once it hits your vehicle it becomes a reflected wave. The transmitter also has a receiver built-in and it again measures the difference with some mathematical calculations and out comes your speed. 


Very easy for a police office to get your speed form there magic boxes.

Radar Detector Laws
Radar Detector Laws Map of USA

Radar Detector InfoGraphic

Radar Detector InfoGraphic


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