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Well in Minnesota the laws can be a little hard to understand if you have to go through and read the states statutes. Radar Detector Laws MN are available directly on the state site. 

What is the Deal with Radar Detector Laws MN

Now because I know you are still reading and did not jump over to the state or Minnesota’s law page let me get to the point.

As of the latest state statues the radar detector laws of MN are nothing for private vehicles.


There are no laws on the books that are for or against radar detectors for private use vehicles. This mean that they are currently legal.

This is the exact quote from the site regarding anything even close to a radar detector,

Subd. 12.Radar jammer.

For purposes of this section, “radar jammer” means any instrument, device, or equipment designed or intended for use with a vehicle or otherwise to jam or interfere in any manner with a speed-measuring device operated by a peace officer.

No person shall sell, offer for sale, use, or possess any radar jammer in this state.

Please note this whole section is about radar jammers not radar detectors. There is a huge difference between the two. Mainly one is legal in most state and the other is mainly illegal. You can find out more about the radar laws here.

Radar Detector Laws MN signed or enforced here

Radar Detector Laws MN signed or enforced here

This huge mess of legal words totaling in the thousands can be found here.

This also means there are no weird loop holes that the police officers can find you in such as the weird radar laws in California.

The great state of Minnesota does have some other interesting laws especially in the gun department but we will leave that for another time.

*As always take the legal information found on this site as you would any legal advice, ask your attorney*


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